I’ve been sick.

The not get out of bed, permanent IV port kind of sick. I

It's called Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) and as Amy Schumer so correctly stated in her HBO documentary, it’s like having food poisoning for 9-months.  

I’d be remiss to say I wasn’t continually reminded how thankful I am that this illness has an expiration date with the gift of a baby at the end but WOW has it been HARD.

So today I am celebrating this sweet memory with my boys. A mommy-son date long overdue and the simplicity of throwing rocks into a mountain river.

Expecting Amy - Wikipedia
Amy Schumer wanted ‘Expecting Amy’ to be ‘real as hell,’ recalls ‘parenting fail’ of son’s name
“All my friends have babies, but I hadn’t been exposed to how hard pregnancy is,” Amy Schumer says in an interview about her new documentary, “Expecting Amy.”
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