Baby Rogness is a GIRL!

We didn't find out what we were having with our boys but with how hard this pregnancy has been, I needed something to look forward to.

Braden has always been anti-gender reveal party, because, you know the ones that go horribly wrong and almost burn down California?)  but I couldn't resist doing one with HORSES!

After a rough 30 weeks battling Hyperemesis/Gestational Diabetes, I also needed something to CELEBRATE!

It was a good thing this party was scheduled when it was because I had gotten a terrible chemical burn from chlorhexidine which I had just developed an allergy too. It caused such a terrible reaction, my arm will be forever scared. A reminder of the battle it took to meet my treasure of a girl.

And the wind was INSANE--so shout out to Joan Romo and her calm and lovely horses that our family gets the honor of growing up around.

"BABY SISTER!" Her Brothers yelled.
Joan Romo of Mountain View Farms North excited to have a little girl join the barn!
Lachlan could not be more excited!! SISTER!
The boys on one of the kindest horses, Bella. Sadly Bella passed away in 2020, she will be missed!
Mama got her GIRL, Joy in the Midst of a long battle with HG
Sorry Coco, there won't be a little boy riding you, you'll have to deal with a girl

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