How am I so lucky that I get to call this handsome and kind man my husband?
Part luck maybe, but I'm going to chalk it up to a lot of prayer.

Everytime I put on these brown boots I’m in awe of the love story God designed.
I had just returned from a year doing mission work around the world, where as a group of women we would pray nightly for our future husbands.

Upon returning from my year abroad, the woman I had spent all 11-months with and I were on our first shopping excursion back in the United States. It was in an upscale shop that I tried on these boots. Thinking they were too expensive she exclaimed,

“They’ll find you a husband one day!”

Only a few months later I was eating dinner at my favorite restaurant on the Montana Ski Mountain I grew up on, when a stranger said she loved my boots.

Within minutes she was telling me about her cousin back in Minneapolis and that we had to go on a date.

Taking a chance, I decided to go on a blind date. It was the best decision I ever made.

Thank you Jesus for this man. I could not have dreamed up anyone better.

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