Difference Makers Live Among Us

I was traveling with my son Gallagher, a busy and loud 14-month-old. I was alone, I was exhausted, I was ready to be home.

After a tiring walk through the airport, baby G strapped to my chest, we sat down at a table near the window. Hoping he would be distracted for at least two minutes by the planes.

It turned out not to be the planes but Latira who would make all the difference.

She smiled, she provided extra straws, helped clean up the spilled milk, and told me I was doing a good job as a Mother.

Months later, this time alone, less stressed but ready to return home after some less than fun medical procedures, I was thrilled to see Latira's smiling face.

Thank you Latira.

Thank you to all those Latira’s out there who make this world a lovely and better place.

Thank you to the hidden difference makers among us.

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