I was sick.

It may sound absurd but I didn't fully understand how sick I felt the last 9-months.

I'm not sure if it is a coping mechanism but I notice a lot of fellow HG women say the same thing.

"This post has made me realize how lucky I’ve been so far with HG, (19+2)You are such a warrior. Stay strong and safe." -Fellow HG Warrior

After posting a picture from our photo-shoot to the Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) Facebook Support Group , needles surrounding our sweet newborn baby, I received several comments similar to this.

I'm only now recognizing that I would have thought the exact same thing at only 19-weeks pregnant.  


Is this a product of being a woman or mother? If men faced the same situation would they feel the same silly humbleness?

Can us women just give ourselves some GRACE!

My Nightly Routine
What kept us BOTH alive
My Lovely Lorelai surrounded by I.V. Phenergan. What I often joked "Phenergan, my BEST FRIEND!" Now only days after the HG disappeared I never want to see another one of those vials again.

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