Five years ago Braden asked me to marry him in the middle of the deserted woods on a snowy ski hill. Braden, the hopeless romantic, put together an elaborate proposal.

It included a letter in the journal we had passed back and forth while dating, a playlist of songs to dance to in the woods, a picture slideshow of memories from our relationship and ending with the jeopardy song playing quietly as he waited on one knee for my answer: yes or no?

The song didn’t have to play long because I quickly said YES. My response would be even quicker today, 1000% YES!

It was followed by a gorgeous sunset, more dancing on the side of the ski run, champagne toasts with my family and a Kandahar dinner, the restaurant where we were setup on a blind date that started it all.

There is less sleep, more facial hair and the sound of little feet gracing our halls, but we couldn’t be happier. We are blessed with a God written love story.
And yet, “The Best is yet to Come.”

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