I met a man at an accounting conference, he was the keynote speaker, an author. I found him intriguing. Taking a chance, I boldly invited him to come stay with us in Montana. An offer he would surprisingly take me up on.

From outward appearance we are very different--50’s vs 30s, Gay vs Straight, Jewish vs Christian, Writer vs Accountant, Washington D.C vs Montana.

But inwardly we are very much the same. Thinkers, contemplators, dark chocolate lovers both with the desire to leave this world a better place.

We often get stuck in our bubbles, our communities, causing great rifts of anger towards those that are ‘other’.

But OH! the things you will see, the things you will learn if only you take a chance.

Get out there, meet someone with a different story. Invite them to dinner, invite them to stay in your spare bedroom, you may be surprised how much you actually have in common.

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