A week ago I went back to my HG safe place for what was my final infusion!

This time for iron.

I spent 4 hours a day/3 times per week in this chair for months.

Sadly, I looked forward to the days my husband would drive me to Big Sky I.V. I would be cowering in the front seat, telling him to be careful on all the bumps.

He would drop me off and run to the local Panera to pick up my only safe food, coca-cola, a candy cookie and a bagel.

Dropping them off through a mask with the nurse, they would sit lonely next to me until my infusion began and the Promethazine began to work.

Being a pandemic, I spent these hours alone with the exception of my lovely nurse Carol who became a dear friend. We would chat, often for very short spurts as I found talking to be a challenge.

Thankfully I would spend the majority of my time sleeping, daytime television softly buzzing in the background.

Only now have I come to realize my gratitude for this place, my safe place that kept me hydrated and ultimately alive. Giving me the ability to bring my lovely Lorelai into this world.

This is my safe place, and one I hope to only come back to as a visitor and not a patient.

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To all those essential workers who have navigated this pandemic, the year 2020, I thank you.

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