I don’t know all their toys.

I instantly feel bad, “how have I not seen this blue boat that sings silly music.”

How do I not know every single bit of their world.

I am a mom with a career I love.

It was only months ago that those words would have brought a sting, a sense of guilt.

Now I like to say I am fortunate that I get to work AND be a mom. I don’t work out of necessity but out of a love for my career.

And again comes those ugly words. Guilt. Judgement. Shame.

You often hear that phrase attached to stay-at-home moms,

“I’m fortunate I get to stay home with my children,” and they would be correct, they are fortunate.

We are fortunate.

To have these little humans we get to raise. To have roofs over our heads, food in our fridges and these precious children who rely on us.

So why do we make each other feel guilty. Why are we so hard on other women and harder on OURSELVES.

They say if there were more women in power the world would be a more peaceful place.

That is never going to happen if we keep dragging each other down, discouraging one another from living the lives we are called to live.

Places of power are not just defined by corporate board rooms or high political office, but in homes.

When we create peaceful homes, we raise peaceful children who will go out into the world and make it a peaceful place.

But we are unable to create those places of peace, in our homes, in our workplaces, in the world, if we keep tearing each other down.

So to the stay at home mom, to the mom working outside the home, we are all LUCKY to have this opportunity to make the world a more peaceful place through our motherhood.

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