Dear Armani,

You taught me that even if I fall off and break my collarbone, I am strong enough to heal. That even if something is hard or hurts, I will once again love the feeling of being free and cantering around an arena.

It may have been more than 15 years since I've seen you last and while I hoped you were still teaching people the joy of riding, I had no idea where you ended up.

That is why receiving an email out of the blue with the subject line 'A Farewell to Armani', caused me to pause.

After reading through the first several lines I knew they were talking about you, my childhood horse who taught me so much.

While I'm happy to know you touched so many lives, I am saddened to know you are gone.

I am thankful you found others to love you so, others you continued to teach about the joys of riding.

So thank you Armani for inspiring us little girls and showing us how strong we truly are,

Maggie (the little girl who couldn't get enough horses)

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