They’re always watching.

I know this but I am still surprised when I see it.

We had 20 youth group kids over to our home last night and cooked them an Italian feast. Yes 20!

I’ve learned that life is like a balance beam and if you try to be great at everything you WILL fall off.

There are many things I have chosen not to be “on the beam for”... always cooking homemade meals, staying home full-time with my kids, consistent potty-training, exclusive breastfeeding, always folding the laundry or making my bed but I have decided to be on the beam for hosting people in our home and oh the joy it brings!

So coming in from work tonight to see Lachlan hosting a dinner party for all his ‘LEGO friends’ saying,

“Mommy I want to be like you and practice hospitality!”

YES my 3-year-old used the word hospitality.

I may not spend be the perfect mother, leaving a lot of things on the floor below that beam but gosh-darn-it my children will learn how to love people WELL!

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