Today I am mourning the loss of Michael.

Lachlan and I had been visiting him for a few weeks. Today when we walked into his room it was empty. His bed stripped, his personal items gone. Nothing left but his old dresser and Television.

He was in his early 50’s and dying from pancreatic cancer. We were told he had no family, no friends, no visitors. So, my toddler son and I visited him. We listened to his life story, to his hope in Heaven, to his love of the bible, to his joy for telling others about God.

I remember pushing Lachlan; back and forth, back and forth in his stroller, hoping for 5 more uninterrupted minutes while I listened to Michael's story.

He won’t have a funeral, no one left to celebrate his life but I feel it and I am crying over that empty room not being filled with the smiling face of Michael.

My challenge to you is to go love someone today. Someone who may not have a visitor. Go in memory of Michael.

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